The Psychic Love-o-matic Test-o-bot

Game design is one of the hobbies that I use to exercise a part of my brain that sometimes stays dormant for longer than I’d like. But I also find it hard to sit down and just make a game when I’m working a lot or even when I get home on time. Some days I would much rather just go home and play games/watch TV instead of creating. There’s this initial hurdle that causes a bit of paralysis. It’s a “where do I begin”, that blank page staring back at me, the endless options that stops me from just sitting down and getting started.

So, one day at lunch, I got in the right headspace and challenged myself to create a simple game within an hour. Or, at the very least, come up with a solid idea and game plan. I enlisted the help of Jen Backman to help me with the art/style of the game. I think she did a fantastic job. Every sketch she showed me was full of eye-roll inducing puns and over the top sweetness. Perfect.



I’m fairly happy with the game design end result. It’s a very simple idea that relies on the (sometimes lack) of a relationship between two individuals. Below are the basic rules:


The Psychic Love-o-matic Test-o-bot

  • 2 minds
  • 2 cards

The Goal:

Score a perfect game of 12 points. If you can score 12 points with your partner then you are connected to them psychically and romantically.

How to Play:

This game is played across 3 sets.

At the beginning of each set, the players put down their card at the same time.

If the patterns match then you win! Your team scores 4 points, picks the cards up and starts the next set.

If the patterns do not match then each player places a hand on their card. On the count of 3, both players rotate their pieces in an attempt to match their partner’s. If they match then you win! Your team scores 3 points now instead of 4.

If the patterns do not match again then repeat the rotation step above except your team will only score 2 points instead of 3. Keep repeating this until you either match or there are no more points left.

To summarize the scoring: Points Score = 4 – Number of Turns.

That’s it! Try to earn a perfect score of 12 points across 3 sets. If you’re feeling extra connected, try to keep going on your perfect streak!


I’ll be trying to release some print-n-play versions of my games as I make them. You can grab this one here